all things daebak.

You came to me with the wind like the swaying flowers
You knocked on my heart, I love you

My heart hurts when I see you
It’s alright, it’s love
My flawed heart and my love
Will you accept it? Me?

jo in sung doing the ice bucket challenge

I don’t like the type of people that ask what type of side dish I ate, so don’t ask that.

It’s Ok, That’s Love

arranging the gravel so that there’s significant height difference… haha~


Maybe destiny is not something for someone who sits and waits for a chance. A real destiny comes like a gift that is given to me when I look for it and dare to choose.

Then it comes to me. 

So I, with someone I dared to choose as my destiny, will do my best loving and living with him. 

I am a confident, modern woman of Korea and a cool missy.

I’m Jung Soo Young.